One Year Anniversary: Recap My Wedding Speech in Qingdao


Posted by starwavelin on May 23, 2018

Today marks the one year anniversary of our marriage. I translated the wedding speech I gave in the banquet in Qingdao, to remind myself :)

Also built this website as a gift to my wife.

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Firstly, I would like to thank my father-in-law for his sincere and candid speech.

Secondly, I’d like to express my gratitude to all of Li’s relatives, who have made a lot of efforts in the processes of our marriage registration, wedding photos, and today’s wedding banquet. Because I worked and lived in the United States, I wasn’t able to participate in any of these process. Therefore, I am really grateful for your help.

Meanwhile, Li and I would like to also thank each of you for taking time to attend this wedding banquet.

Being able to give a speech here as the groom, I should express my deep thanks to Li’s parents. Thank you both for bringing Li up with all your hearts so that she becomes the lady that I have married today. I would also like to thank you both for allowing me to marry your beautiful daughter. Thank you both for your trust on me and I will fulfill my promise to love her.

Of course, I should give my special thanks to my wife Li, who is very pretty, kind, tender, and adorable. Thank Li for having a great faith and courage to have married me, and willing to live with me overseas in the United States. There is a verse in the Bible saying Faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. Although we could not experience the future now, I promise with faith that I will strive to give my wife a peaceful, joyful and colorful life.

From now on, Li and I legally formed a new family. In regard of a family, there is an English idiom describing a man in a household, saying “Every man wants to change the world, but nobody would like to wash dishes” (中译:每个男人都有改变世界的雄心,然而没有几个男人愿意洗碗). But in my opinion, a person who is trustworthy in little things can also be trustworthy in great ones. I personally may not be able to do something to change this world, but I would be willing to wash dishes with joy in our family.

At the end, Li and I would like to again thank you all for coming. And now let us drink a toast to enjoy this great day!

Thank you all!


中文 Chinese

首先,感谢我的 岳父大人 诚挚而真切的致辞。

再者,感谢荆黎的 各位亲人们 为我们的婚姻登记、婚纱摄影、以及这个答谢婚宴所 付出的辛苦努力。由于我身在海外,每一个过程我都未能 实地参与,在此,非常谢谢各位亲人们的鼎力相助。


能以 新郎 的身份在这个讲台上发言,我要十分感谢 荆黎 的 父亲母亲。感谢两位长辈这么多年来对 荆黎 的 养育之恩,对她的 精心栽培。也十分谢谢两位长辈愿意将女儿托付给在下。我绝不辜负两位长辈的信任。

当然,我也特别感谢我的妻子 美丽、善良、温柔、贤淑的 荆黎 小姐, 感谢她 以极大的 信心和勇气 嫁给在下,并愿意与我一道,体验漂洋过海的生活。圣经上有句话说,信就是所望之事的实底,是未见之事的确据。我们虽然无法在当下就亲身体验未来,但我有信心展望,我可以给夫人一个平安喜乐、多姿多彩的生活,并将为此蓝图而努力奋斗。

从今时起,我和荆黎就组成了一个新的家庭。英文中有句谚语是如此描述家庭里的男人: Every man wants to change the world, but nobody would like to wash dishes. 意思是说 每个男人都有改变世界的雄心,然而没有几个男人愿意洗碗。但在我看来,一个人在小事情上忠心,将来才会在大事上忠心。我个人 不一定能做什么改变世界之事,但我很乐意好好地洗碗。

最后,荆黎和我再次感谢每一位嘉宾的光临,让我们 一同举杯 ,共享 今日的喜悦 。